Fishbowl Ep

by Malacara & Wilson Band

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“Malacara & Wilson Band” (Barcelona), presentan 'Fishbowl'. Disco que será la BSO de 'La Peixera' Barcelona.


released April 25, 2016

Recorded in Barcelona April 2016 in Slim Studios
Produced by Mario Cobo
Edited by "Huevos Frito" (2016)
Engineer Nestor Oñatibia
Songs by Xavi Malacara
Arrangements Tony Wilson

Malacara & Wilson Band are:

Xavi Malacara (singer, guitar, harp)
Tony Wilson (guitar)
Salva "Joker" (Drums)
Maxi Moscardi (Bass)

Work Art Dani Ballesteros
Coordinador & Fotografia Jofre Blesa
Una producción de Xavi Malacara para la obra de teatro “La Peixera”
© Malacara & Wilson Band @ Huevos Frito 2016



all rights reserved


Malacara & Wilson Band Barcelona, Spain

“Malacara & Wilson Band” (Barcelona), presentan 'BSO Sota la Catifa'. Influido por la “Americana”, un disco con canciones propias que combina blues, folk y rhythm & blues de los años 20 a los 60. '. La banda ofrece un directo elegante y de alta calidad, siendo habituales de la escena Barcelonesa. ... more

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Track Name: Rat Race
Rat Race

Rats flee in a race
Running to steal the time
We were going straight to a train wreck
As the banker loves the squatter
We made the bet
We loved the risk of a death foretold

Whatever works, try again
Can you hear our song of farewell?

I received a beating
I got it twice
Agh! Till I took out my liver by mouth
We laugh about everything
We drank ‘Bloody Mary’ one time
The truth ends up exploding in your face

You went to the bathroom first
I went after a while
Someone banged on the door
Our story is a roulette wheel
Smelt like farewell
but in the end you win again

You were cheating
you play with marked cards
but I carry a gun up my sleeve
There is no rest, no time to lose
We’re doomed by fate
end up like rats down the drain
Track Name: Almost Blues
Almost Blues

Almost Blues is nothing tragic
There’s no reason to love
When you're away I will know what to do

No time to mourn. It could have been worst
Now you stick to the past
While on the radio plays our last song

You treated me like a dog.
After every kiss I received a snub
Now you are taking the ashes of love

You made me die you made me feel alive
Almost blues. You left empty-handed
At last love is an entropic game

Almost blues
Almost blues
Almost blues
Almost blues
Track Name: Fishbowl

Winter was cold
I ran the ravine to the church
There was a time
When dreams would come true

I dressed in a football shirt
I used to play an old guitar
From a flowery terrace
I saw trains going to nowhere

A yellow bird whistled through the window
The turntable played a scratchy song

I was free in a fishbowl. I was free
I said one day I would go
I lived in a sunny attic. Away from danger
one day I will go

One day I thought I could be a poet
Life turned out short. I walked with bare feet

My country changed
turning the fishbowl
Now I can write a poem

I will come back
I will come back
When all ways are blocked
Track Name: Enemies

Walking with my enemy
Steps beyond the sorrow and joy
dark side of love is a must see

Walking on the bustling streets
like a bum around the town
and you move like a cat on a hot tin roof

Pain comes from the roofs through the smoke
Night waits with a jaws of a wolf

Enemy you know where we go
Enemy our time is short
Dying, love is dying. Seeking the best way out

Enemy you file your claws
There’s no rest no relief for you
I was wired to escape from your rage

You kept pushing till the sea stopped
Universe collapses and we don’t?

Soft as the blade of a sword
You talk to me like I was the one
I realized too late that we are part of a lie

Now I pray for no return
It’s not hard to fill your space
You are like the smoke from a cigarette

You kept pushing till the sea stopped
Universe collapses and we don’t?