BSO "Sota la Catifa"

by Malacara & Wilson Band

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"Malacara & Wilson Band" son els autors de la BSO "Sota la Catifa". Una producció de Mario Cobo (Nu Niles, Loquillo, Locos del Oeste).

Com si es tractès d'un viatge en el temps, la música d'aquesta obra, s'inspira en el cinema de la Mafia i els Gangsters. Des de els anys 40 als 70. Del blanc i negre de John Huston, al color de Scorsesse. Cançons que rendeixen tribut als clàssics de la música Americana del segle XX.

Les lletres parlen del salt al buit. L'ascens i la decadencia. La vanitat i la perdua. Una prosa que descriu l'expressió francesa,
"L'Appel du Vide" (La Crida del Buit)


released July 17, 2017

Xavi Malacara Singer Guitar Harp
Tony Wilson Guitar
Salva "Joker" Drums
Maxi Moscardi Bass

Lyrics & Music Xavi Malacara
Arrangements Tony Wilson
Produced by Mario Cobo
Engineer Nestor Oñatibia
Recorded at Slim Studio Bcn
Work Art: Dani Ballesteros

Editado Huevosfrito Records (r)



all rights reserved


Malacara & Wilson Band Barcelona, Spain

“Malacara & Wilson Band” (Barcelona), presentan 'BSO Sota la Catifa'. Influido por la “Americana”, un disco con canciones propias que combina blues, folk y rhythm & blues de los años 20 a los 60. '. La banda ofrece un directo elegante y de alta calidad, siendo habituales de la escena Barcelonesa. ... more

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Track Name: L'Appel du Vide
L’ Appel du vide

The world swallows dreamers
But it’s full of magic
You don’t lose the calm
for every snake that you find at your feet

No one is happy with their luck.
But you feed on chaos
The rain soaks your dress
You walk with puddles in the shoes

All you want disappears
under your feet
the world starts to sink
and you feel the call
“L'appel du vide”

Things break, things fall down. That's life
From a rose, a petal falls
A day of happiness begets a year of tears
Track Name: Miles Down
Miles Down

In your defense I have to say
I understand your necessary way
As many stars as in the milky way

Shadows don’t leave their prey
Shadows don’t leave their prey
Outlaw's den is your shelter when everything is away

It is sure you see the night fall
It is sure I see you get in trouble
Danger knocks at your door when the darkness fall

guitar solo

Someone told me you're messing around
Stars don’t always show the way
Dogs don’t always bark at the enemy

You walk miles down the lane
Why is there’s no a mother fucking train?
You can breath the smoke under the thin rain

A pale sun warms the rime
The memory of the happy days faded
you can't remember what you did last night

On sunnydays think of me
till you see the rain falling over me
You know how much time can we foresee?
Track Name: Honest Man

Let me tell the story
of the most honest man
He worked hard for money
and for his family

He mistook night with the day
He confused work with love
he made excuses for not returning home
never to return come home soon
How many secrets can a man hide?

A self-made man as a child he went to church
Money burned like snow on his bare hands
Behaved like a jerk. He was the wild one
greed has no memory

He loved other women and learned to give them up
someone broke his nose someone broke his heart
How much shit can a man hide?
How much shit can a man hide?

Divine season of roses with good folks and wine
he was a bon vivant
Guilty is for the weak

He can see the devil in the sky
someone says,
who gives diamonds to a tramp?
He thinks I'm less than a dog
How much shit can a man hide?
How much shit can a man hide?
Track Name: Plastic Jesus
Plastic Jesus

I don't care if it rains or freezes
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Riding on the dashboard of my car.
Through my trials and tribulations
And my travels through the nations
With my plastic Jesus I'll go far.

I'm afraid He'll have to go.
His magnets ruin my radio
And if I have a wreck He'll leave a scar.
Riding down a thoroughfare
With His nose up in the air,
A wreck may be ahead, but He don't mind.

Though the sunshine on His back
Make Him peel, chip and crack,
A little patching keeps Him up to par.
When I'm in a traffic jam
He don't care if I say "damn"
I can let all my curses rol

Once His robe was snowy white,
Now it isn't quite so bright -
Stained by the smoke of my cigar.
If I weave around at night,
And policemen think I'm tight,